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John O’Connell

Manager Responsible Entity Services, Trust Company Limited

“It’s about having a better focus, having someone as a sounding board who knows what they are doing”

John values having a sounding board and someone looking over his shoulder to make sure he is making smart choices and considering all his options.

Paul & Belinda Haraldson

“You need to do a lot of reading and invest a lot of time to manage your own finances, it’s easier to benefit from an expert’s experience”

Paul and Belinda do not have time to do all the research and reading to manage their family finances, Paul talks about the benefits of having a trusted adviser manage everything for them.

Leslie Marquez

“Organising your financial life is daunting but having that person that knows what you want in life is the key”

Leslie talks about the benefits of outsourcing and how financial advice has been an eye opener for organising her financial life. Having an adviser that knows her personally and what she wants in life is important to her.

Ben Hirschfeld

“It’s important to have a financial coach to get rid of the white noise in your head”

Ben talks about the importance of having a financial coach to get rid of the white noise so he can get on with living his life to the fullest.

Richard Goodman

“Having the trust in a plan and the security of having a trusted professional makes the journey a lot easier”

Richard talks about how the financial road map provided him and his partner the opportunity to mutually discuss their goals and where they want to go together.


“I’ve always believed that financial advice is very much an individual thing, some will be well in control of their finances and others may seek finer guidance or reassurance and others will require everything to be done for them. Earning well doesn’t necessarily mean managing well and what has drawn my interest and time to Mike is that he understands this landscape clearly and a tunes himself to what will work, where he needs to provide input and where not. If you are looking for someone with this type of understanding, patience and support I suggest you speak with Mike. Thank you Mike for being much more than a great adviser….L”
Louis Fairlie, Information & Knowledge Manager at Transport
“Mike is the first advisor that I have engaged that caters for my profession and helped me explore my long term goals and options for financial management. I value Mike’s knowledge and specialist expertise and gives me confidence that I am in good hands. I found Mike to be open, honest and transparent and someone who I can trust.”
Tarun Tandon, Senior Vice President - Asia Pacific at WNS Global Services
“Mike was the first financial adviser that I have used that took the time to listen to what I wanted to achieve. This will make desired results a lot easier to achieve as we are working towards a common goal not just what he thinks we should do.I would have no hesitation in recommending Mike to others and I intend to use his services for the foreseeable future.”
Greg Hodge, National Sales Manager - Hydreco Hydraulics
“I had the privilege of listening to Mike present at the AdviserEdge conference last week. Mike’s content was excellent and the message he shared was very beneficial to me as a new business owner. The best thing about Mike’s presentation was his preparedness to share his personal journey from start-up to business owner, leader and innovator. Mike’s genuine generosity and willingness to help others create their dream sets him apart as a great leader.”
Chae Parker, Principal Go Virtual

“What is unique about Mike is that he takes a commonsense, no jargon approach to what is often a complex and confusing area; and one which has a large personal impact on most of us – our money.
Mike is easily available; and responds promptly to messages, critical in this day and age with little time and many demands in both personal and professional domains. I would certainly recommend Mike to others. His clear, practical advice focused on the best result for his client, and he is willing to give you the hard message when necessary. I am looking forward to a long-term, successful working relationship with Mike where the ultimate outcome will be to achieve some of the lofty goals I have set for myself and my family.”

Lyle Steffenson, Account Director Honan Insurance Group
“We engaged Mike in 2013 with the view of planning for the future and providing financial security for the family. His knowledge around creating wealth from passive incomes is second to none and we now also have excellent life insurances in place, which gives us peace of mind. Mike also now looks after our Super, which is already proving the right decision and will no doubt make a huge difference in our retirement. Soon Mike will also be guiding us through building a property portfolio. This is without doubt a long term engagement and we look forward to working with Mike for many years. He offers a level of integrity and expertise that I have not previously encountered in this industry. I would highly recommend him.”
Jim Antliff, Sales Operations & Bid Management Director

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