Self-managed Super Fund (SMSF) Advice

Self-managed Super Fund (SMSF) Advice 2017-05-16T18:58:07+00:00

You can have greater control, choice and flexibility with an SMSF.

Why self managed super?

SMSFs can offer a number of features and benefits generally not available with other super arrangements.

More investment control

You can establish your own investment strategy and directly control where and

how your super is invested. You’ve also got the flexibility to create an investment strategy that addresses the combined or unique needs of all fund members.

More investment choice

You can select from a wider range of investments including:

  • all listed shares
  • some unlisted shares
  • residential and business property, and
  • collectables such as artwork, stamps and coins.

One fund for the family

If you set up a fund for yourself and up to three family members, you could:

  • consolidate your super balances
  • invest in assets of higher value
  • achieve greater estate planning flexibility, and
  • reduce costs.

Borrowing to make larger investments SMSFs can buy assets such as shares and property by using cash in the fund and borrowing the rest. This can enable the fund to acquire assets it currently doesn’t have enough money to purchase outright.

Tax effective

With SMSFs you can:

  • take greater control over the timing of tax events, such as when capital gains and losses on assets are realised
  • transfer certain assets directly into your fund by making ‘in specie’ contributions, where investment earnings will be concessionally taxed, and
  • use your super to start a pension potentially without triggering capital gains tax.

Also, if a member dies or becomes disabled and is aged less than 65, the fund may be able to claim the future service element of the benefit as a tax deduction and offset current and future fund tax liabilities.

Greater estate planning certainty and flexibility

You can nominate which of your ‘dependants for superannuation purposes’ you’d like to receive your benefit in the event of your death without having to meet some of the constraints that apply to other super arrangements.

Is an SMSF right for you?

While running an SMSF can give you greater control of your super and retirement savings, it’s a big commitment.

All members are generally required to be fund trustees and vice versa. This means you are responsible for meeting a range of legal and administrative obligations and penalties may apply if you don’t perform your duties.

Also, to make running an SMSF a cost effective exercise, you and your fellow members will typically need upwards of $200,000 in total in your SMSF.

Advice and support

A financial adviser is best set to help you navigate through the complexities of an SMSF and decide whether it’s right for you.

We will be able to help:

  • develop and implement an investment strategy for the fund
  • select investments to match that strategy
  • determine the right insurance
  • advise on a tax-effective pension plan, and
  • consider your estate planning options.

Our SMSF package

Our service offer will align with the ongoing legal and administration requirements you may require from your accountant, solicitor or other professional advisers relating to the operation of your SMSF.

Delta Financial Group may be able to co-ordinate (with third parties) one or more of the following services for you in relation to your SMSF:

(a) Establishment / (b) Corporate Trustee Establishment,

(c) Accounting, tax and audit co-ordination package

(d) Strategic advice only package

(e) Administration package

(f) Insurance analysis and implementation package

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