Ongoing Advice and Review

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Once we agree to work together we will act as partners to achieve your definition of an inspiring life, acting as your trusted adviser to lead and manage you and your other professional advisers to ensure your financial needs are implemented consistently and efficiently.

We will own and implement the agreed strategies on your behalf and regularly track and report on your progress to ensure our advice remains appropriate and aligned to your goals and values.

If we do not have any specific expertise in house, we can access the skills required through our panel of expert service providers. Where required, we can provide you with referrals to third party professionals for accounting, mortgage, property, direct shares, legal and estate planning advice.

You will have direct access to your adviser as your coach or sounding board outside of our scheduled progress meetings, where you can discuss your questions or concerns and we can anticipate and prepare for any changes in your life, big or small. You will also have direct access to our dedicated service team who can also assist you anytime with any questions or concerns you may have.

If the changes are small and don’t affect your overall plan you may already know what you want and what you need to do but perhaps just need someone to run some ideas pass and confirm your own thoughts.

If the changes are slightly bigger such as having more kids, increasing the size of your business or home or changes in your income we can explore what specific knowledge or strategies will be required to help anticipate and plan for them.

Through our experience, we’ve found that information is not what stops you from getting what you want, its follow through or implementation. The plan that we will go away and create will address your reasons for looking for assistance and give you options that will give you the highest probability of you achieving all that is important to you.

This document or the strategy anyone can give you, but the document alone doesn’t give you someone you can trust helping you for the rest of your life, to make the decisions you need to make to keep you on track and the value of that is exponential, that’s what our ongoing relationship is for.

Another reason that we offer an ongoing relationship is because there are a thousand ways where you will trick yourself into not doing the things you need to do (the things that you’ve already worked out you need to do) to get to where you want to be, like spending too much money, not planning, not thinking things through, not understanding what’s important to you, basically spending your life making poor decisions. In other words, not keeping yourself accountable to putting the motions into place that will maximise your success.

The reason people engage us to be their adviser (or coach, confidant, strategist) is to take away the pain, the stress, the noise, the distraction and the confusion from having to figure things out on their own, and to help them get everything they want in life. And for the clients we work with, this is a thousand times more valuable to them than the cost of the services and in the course of their life, the difference in value is like night and day to the end outcome.

Is this the type of relationship you are after? If we are not the right kind of advisers for you that’s ok. Our goal is to help you get your entire financial house in order and keep it that way forever hence this is not a set and forget strategy. Our strategies will be reviewed each time we catch up and we will check in to make sure our advice stays relevant and of value to you.

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