Mike Sikar

Founder & Principal Adviser

Growing up my 2 favourite games were Lego and Monopoly and to this day I am still undefeated in Monopoly. This would explain why I have always been entrepreneurial and started investing at the age of 25, buying my first investment property with the proceeds of my previous business.

I struggled in school because I didn’t conform to traditional teaching methods (my Mum understood that my brain connected differently);I wasn’t challenged or stimulated in that environment. During high school I took control and was able to realise my full potential.

Ever since then, those struggles have been in my past. I have always been my own worst critic and have needed to let go of my disappointments to allow myself to focus on what makes me tick and drives me to challenge myself. In return, I am now able to empower others to lead the same positive and fulfilling life that’s so important to me.

My desire to run my own business was front of mind but even more importantly to build long lasting relationships along the way; to never again work in a transactional, controlled environment that had previously been my experience. If I can mirror my successes to the people around me that helps reinforce why I do what I do.

I’m energetic and crave adventure, and would love to travel the world. I have an extreme love for cars, especially driving them on the race track. I take my car on the race track at least once a month and one day would like to take my car on an adventure rally with the Gumball 3000 rally team.

My focus is to be a leader and innovator in the advice industry helping people achieve goals they never thought possible before meeting me. I love being in business meeting new people and realising my vision whilst taking my clients on the journey with me.

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