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Jessica Wilson

Client Service Manager

I’ve always had an interest for flowers, visiting the markets to find all the colours and smells to match my mood and displaying them gives me peace. My passion for flowers came from a very young age, I can remember visiting my great-grandmother and grandmother and helping my mum choose the best flowers to take with us. Looking around me today, my space is full of bright sunflowers and pink peonies and that makes me smile.

I like to entertain and bring people together and do this via my love for de-cluttering, flowers and cooking. As a natural nurturer, I enjoy looking after others and I am happiest when everyone else around me is happy.

I’ve always loved organising and get great satisfaction from getting things done; it gives me a sense of calm in an otherwise chaotic environment. If I could, I would have my own de-cluttering business and dedicate my time to help others. I would be happy to just take everyone’s mess and clean it all up because it’s just what I enjoy.

The people-ness in me has definitely come out in my role, relationships at work feel like family and I really enjoy connecting with our clients and seeing their journey through our process. I am so grateful to be a part of their experience and proud to see that they have more time to pursue their own passions; I enjoy hearing their stories when we catch up in the office.

If you have any organisational tools for better Feng-Shui I’d really like to hear them. The same goes for any unique flower findings, let me know as I am keen to learn more.

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