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A major part of what we do at Delta Financial Group involves the investments of clients’ money. Whilst we also spend a lot of time on tax strategy, asset protection, retirement planning and client structures – things that can be termed ‘traditional financial planning’ – the investment of accumulated assets remains central to helping clients achieve their financial objectives.

Every wealth management firm has their own investment management beliefs.  Some firms only believe in investing into direct shares while others believe only in managed funds.  Some firms only use passive index managers while other firms use only highly active fund managers.  At Delta Financial Group we don’t have any pre-conceived ideas that restrict what we can and can’t recommend.  We place our clients first.

We understand that providing clients with a direct stock exposure has clear transparency benefits and flexibility when managing their tax positions while investing through managed funds gives us access to superior investment professionals. We understand that in some markets passive “index” exposure suits while in other markets active management can add substantial value.

At Delta Financial Group we tailor individual solutions for every client in recognition of the fact that every client is different and has particular investment needs.  However while there is no “one size fits all” investment solution, we do follow an investment framework and this document aims to explain that framework and inform our clients how we construct their investment portfolios.

For us, successful investing is about getting the big decisions right. This means making sure our clients are invested in the correct asset classes that commensurate with their goals and objectives.

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