Exactly how to do you charge?

/Exactly how to do you charge?

Exactly how to do you charge?

Our initial meetings are at our own expense as our priority is to get to know who you are and what is important to you first before we can discuss what strategies will help you achieve all that is important to you.

Following this, we will gather all your information and review and analyse all the available scenarios. We will then provide you with a letter of engagement outlining what is involved with becoming a client and the fees associated with our initial and ongoing relationship.

We have a fee for our initial advice which includes the preparation and implementation of our recommended strategies in the statement of advice.

We also have a fee for our ongoing advice which includes our ongoing relationship and management of our recommended strategies through regular reviews to track your progress.

All of our fees are payable by credit card, direct debit or debit from your investment or superannuation fund and we will agree together which payment option will be best suited for you.

Some of our fees may be tax deductable so we always recommend that you seek appropriate advice in this area.

We are about building long term relationships with our clients because the value we provide and the fulfilment that we gain grows exponentially the longer we work together.  We are not about the quick fix.  We do not ever ask for a fee for our service where we do not believe there is an exponential value that we will provide in exchange.

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