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At Delta Financial Group we are team of energetic, passionate and driven professionals who have a strong positive mindset and are client focused in everything we do.

Our value promise is to help you create an inspiring life and help turn your success into happiness. For our clients we are more than financial planners, we are confidants, coaches, strategists, project managers, partners and often friends, who care about your financial decisions and how they affect your family and life.

As a valued client, you will receive the benefits of our leadership and management of a team of experts to give you clarify and control of your future, as well as our personal attention, professional advice, timely information and efficient administration.

Ultimately this means so you can be confident that all your bases are covered because you have the right people at hand, who are not only amongst the best experts in their field but who actually put your needs first.

Having someone standing next to you that you can trust, who helps you make better decisions and steers you back on course when you deviate, exponentially increases your ability to achieve true success in life.

This results in you being able to spend more time with the people that matter most, doing the things that are more important in life to you than money.

Throughout our relationship our job is to help you make the best decisions that balance the now and the tomorrow; we not here to sell a product or offer a transaction. We educate and empower you, by taking you on a journey to discover what you really want, why you want it and how you can achieve it, holding you accountable for doing the right things to get what you want.

We believe that in helping you identify and implement these life plans, achieving your dreams and living by your personal values goes hand in hand with achieving your long-term wealth creation.

Mike Sikar

Founder & Principal Adviser

Mike Sikar is the Founder and Principal Adviser of Delta Financial Group, a rapidly-growing and innovative financial advisory firm which empowers Australians to make smart choices with their money.

Mike has over twenty years wealth management experience in stockbroking and financial planning founding Delta Financial Group in 2011.

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Jessica Wilson

Client Service Manager

I’ve always had an interest for flowers, visiting the markets to find all the colours and smells to match my mood and displaying them gives me peace. My passion for flowers came from a very young age, I can remember visiting my great-grandmother and grandmother and helping my mum choose the best flowers to take with us. Looking around me today, my space is full of bright sunflowers and pink peonies and that makes me smile.

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What makes you different?

We believe that true honesty is empowering and with our clients we always strive to express that honesty, whether showing them the secrets of our financial system or helping them truly understand both the good and bad of their financial situation.

Exactly how to do you charge?

Our initial meetings are at our own expense as our priority is to get to know who you are and what is important to you first before we can discuss what strategies will help you achieve all that is important to you. Following this, we will gather all your information and review...

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